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Just as we love to take time off for entertainment and leisure, our minds also need that special time for realigning with the world around us. It is through the process of introspection that we become aware of ourselves and present ourselves with the opportunity to accept and adapt to the diversity in people that we are closely associated with. Nature offers the perfect setting for doing this – provide an open, free and expansive environment, just where the mind should be, in order to embrace change. Several of our interventions are based at such a landscape that enthralls and energises the mind.
Corporate: All training programs are carefully designed and customized for your specific needs. The customization is done using this list of topics as a base.
For Young Managers: Effective Managerial Skills
Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams
Motivation : Understand what drives people
Leadership : Leading Successful Teams
Personality profiles and self-assessment: Understanding Differences
Problem Solving : Learning Tools for Logical and Creative Thinking
Creativity : Improving your own creativity through various techniques
Communication skills: Strategies for improving Business communication
Speak your mind: Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public
Understanding Attitude and Behavior: Building Relationships for Success
Assertiveness: Get your communication right in various situations
Feedback skills: Getting Along in the Workplace
Life values: Balancing work and personal life
Gender Diversity and Gender Sensitivity: Sensitizing about views we hold
      about our own and the other gender and instilling empathy
Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People
Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge
Culture Awareness : Understand cultural frameworks for the multi-cultural business environment
Mentoring: Grooming and caring for employees
Owning up: Realizing your responsibility for your actions
Personal Effectiveness : Enhancing skills for greater impact in all your spheres of operation
Emotional Intelligence : Improving EQ for better inter-personal relationships
Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance
Goal setting and motivation: Knowing and Achieving your Goals
Stress Management: Understand and Learn How to Deal With It
Corporate training and workshops may be conducted in a classroom setup or at an offsite location of your choice. For an even more novel experience, we offer training at camp locations
Corporate Training at the camps : For a complete and true “Outbound” experience where employees learn while having fun, a training program at the campsite is the solution. The camps are ideally suited for “Simulated” games and real life activities that will make a practical impact on the participants since they will be able to apply the learnings through sharing, summarizing and relating them to their day-to-day work situations.
This is particularly important for teams that have trouble bonding with each other, have trust issues amongst them, or are too diverse to be a cohesive group. Or simply for a team outing just after successful completion of a project, to celebrate and have fun, while still learning a useful thing or two.
Themes covered are: Team Building, Leadership development, Communication Skills, Interpersonal and Conflict management. Inputs in healthy eating, nature appreciation and Yoga may be thrown in!
Training for Colleges – Students are prepared for facing a completely different world outside of their college environments.  They are trained for:
Business Communication
Campus-to-Corporate readiness
Group Discussion
Interview facing skills
Business Etiquette
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