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I was fortunate enough to attend the 3 day training program (In August 2014) on building high profile teams through conflict resolution and effective interpersonal relationships conducted by ELEMENTS under the stewardship of Ms. Uma Maheshwari. The training program included components of Diversity, Team Working, Acceptance of differences, Inter-personal relationships, Personality profiling, Conflict Management etc.
I was very impressed with conduct of the program by Uma Maheswari and her team that included a combination of class room lectures and team games. Both Indore and outdoor activities were concluded with a lively exchange of experiences, learning’s and summarizing that provided insights on characteristics of a successful team besides areas of conflict and their resolution. At the end of each day time was provided for introspection by each member and for writing down his/ her personal action plan following discussion during the day on several team themes necessary for effective teamwork. I strongly recommend a training program with ELEMENTS for developing high performance teams through conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, communication, shared leadership, mutual respect, trust, integrity, collaboration, creativity, etc. The ultimate goal is to ensure a more satisfactory life in both the personal as well as professional spheres.
Parthasarathy Rao P.
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